The Enecsys Micro Inverter System is comprised of the industry’s most technologically advanced micro inverters and monitoring system, all designed to empower users to optimize their energy generation and consumption. Each part of the Enecsys Micro Inverter System is tailored to make incorporating solar into any home easy and affordable for both homeowners and installers.

Enecsys offers two micro inverter products, the Enecsys Single and Duo Micro Inverter. The Enecsys Single Micro Inverter attaches directly to the rack behind each module within a solar installation. The advantage of installing the Enecsys Single Micro Inverter is that users gain visibility into the performance of each solar module, and can easily assess and address problems associated with shading, soiling or other obstructions. The Enecsys Duo Micro Inverter attaches directly to the rack behind a pair of modules within a solar installation. The advantage of building solar systems with the Enecsys Duo Micro Inverter product is that installations require fewer resources and less time to install and manage, but benefit from the same value associated with micro inverters.

Both Enecsys Micro Inverter options provide unrivaled benefits, including:

  • Simplified PV array design and installation
  • Maximized energy harvest
  • Improved safety
  • Increased reliability and module-matching lifetime
  • Real-time and historical performance monitoring

Additionally, through the Enecsys Monitoring System and Enecsys Gateway, homeowners and installers can view valuable data regarding the status of each module, or set of modules.  The Enecsys Monitoring System can promptly detect performance issues and pinpoint the exact location of a given problem. This provides installers and homeowners with precise guidance for required maintenance, as well as, helps optimize the solar system’s performance over the lifetime of the installation.