If you own Enecsys inverters, you may be wondering how you can monitor their performance.

Well the good news is that you can use the new Enecsys Monitoring system.

As an Enecsys owner myself, I was deeply frustrated when Enecsys went into receivership, so I decided to build my own monitoring system and make it available to other users. You can find this over at Enecsys-Monitoring.com

I even went so far as to buy the original Enecsys domains to make getting setup as easy as possible. If you want to know how easy, just look at you gateway. If it has a smiley face, then you are already connected. You just need to sign up and we will save your data so that you can see real time reporting again.

(If are looking to claim for defective units, loss of warranty or are a creditor of Enecsys UK Ltd click here)

Our Enecsys Monitoring System provides installers and homeowners with detailed, real-time information on your solar system’s performance, including:

  • Total energy generated
  • Module-level performance
  • Historical pattern of energy generation

Go to enecsys-monitoring.com to find out more

Please note that since Enecsys went into administration, the service requires a small annual subscription fee of £35/year, you will need to sign up again (your old username and password will no longer work) and we do not have your historical data.